PIKO Przemysłowe Instalacje Kwasoodporne Joanna Półtorak, Paweł Łagan s.c.

We carry out our activity in the manufacturing of industrial installations and devices branch since 1989, at the beginning only as „Zakład Remontowy Instalacji Przemysłowych” and since september 2003 also as „PIKO” Przemysłowe Instalacje Kwasoodporne.

High experience in metal processing branch of stainless steel and our highly qualified staff fulfil all the quality expectations of our clients.

We have done a lot of important and responsible industrial equipment and installations and we have conducted many successful repairs and modernisation works. Our projects have always been done on the highest quality level what is confirmed by a large numbers of reference letters which we have received from our clients.

We are manufacturer and assembler of industrial equipment made of austenitic stainless steel mostly tanks. We set up and carry out modernising and repairs works of tanks, industrial equipment and installations, pipelines and steel constructions made mainly of austenitic stainless steel. We specialise in manufacturing of devices for food industry such as fruit-and-vegetable processing, water and beverages manufacturing and spirit industry. Our company also carry out works for pharmaceutical, chemical, power, building material and other industries.

Our products according to clients request can have finishing of surface and welding seams on different quality level from matte surface and welding seams pickled and passivated through different degrees of machining all surfaces up to mirror polishing. As the manufacturer of many different devices which many of them are prototypes we carry out the devices based on our client constructional documentation or our own one.

For all carried out works and repairs we serve a guarantee according to contracts, from 12 to 36 months.